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Caught In The Storm

Dry Kill Logic

Yeah all my life my eyes don't see things that way
Yeah all this time caught in the storm I have made
Another sin goes unforgiven, another blind eye to the sight
When it all seems sort of familiar just tell one thousand lies
And never keep a broken promise
And give in to a lack of control, never forgive the ones that forget
This strength you call your own, gone
The last piece to hold together, gone, never to return
The one thing that seems to be certain
Begin together and always end alone, never give in
Never surrender even when the grave you dig's your own
Now it's gone but never forgotten
Without a hint and with no warning, listen close to the voices calling
Pay attention to the words they say for the love of God
Where did I go wrong?
When the life forsaken again, is the one I call my own?

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