Girls (want everything they see)


I'd like someone to hold me
I don't like the way you tease me through the night
you tell me you've got something for me
why don't go ahead and make this wrong a right?

do you wanna make me crazy?
torture me with what I see but cannot touch
why do you spend the evening with me?
are you not content or do I ask for much?

girls want everything they see
don't you play your games with me

you can be so very friendly
are you afraid you're gonna overstep my line?
cautiousness can come in handy
but how could you overlook my ready-signs?

do you wanna test my patience?
if you do, you have been taking it too far
I am melting like an ice cube
wanna take the wrapping off my chocolate bar

but you know you're wrong
and I know I'm right
and no one ‘s going
putting out my light
I'll get you there
tonight, I swear

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