I want U 2 B with m


When I get off the stage
I've gIven what I've had
to give to anyone
I don't feel good nor bad
I go back to my room
and don't relate to anyone

When I am on a plane
to conquer all my dreams
and everything ‘s ok
and I'm a lucky girl
I see you in a cloud
I don't know what I'm doing here

I want you to be with me

When I am in a place
where everythIng is strange
and I'm just passing through
and so goes day by day
I can't keep track of names
and I just want to close my eyes

And when I hit the notes
the way I'm suppposed to do
the band and I are hIgh
and nothing can go wrong
I always think of you
I wish that you could see me now

I want you to be with me

A€˜cause all I feel and see
I want you to see it too
‘cause what I know and do
I want to share it wIth you

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