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From Womb To Waste

Dying Fetus

Burning urge to conceive, like animals blind in heat
But they're human all the same
Copulation, compulsion to breed
Just anatomy and instinct, lust consumed
But the product is a human life
A malicious maternal seed, spewed forth in precarious birth
From the womb into the trash

Precious, twisting life, crawling on the filth of the dumpster floor
Only known to the mother in guilt, as she stumbles from the alley, covered in flies
With a ten mile stare, dead to the world
She never gave one fuck for the child inside, none
Sucks the crack pipe in shame just to forget
Yet with another hit, she's on the streets again
In another life she once had hope
But that went down the drain
Along with her pride

Nurses habitually resigned
Tossing the carcass, in the waste bin death legally designed?
Or fixing the future with quick extraction?
Conceived and thrown away, from womb into the waste

Human trash!
Putrid, the bodies overrun
Aborted removal, with cold precision
Tools specifically designed, forcing fetal termination
Blind the morally enraged
Bomb the clinic into oblivion
Kill the killer they will say
Justice through murder goes both ways

Conceived and thrown away, from womb into the waste
One more girl, mortified
Never knew what was growing within
Obese, diseased, down on her knees she gave birth on the toilet seat
Insert anesthetize
Late term feticide
Orphan spawned from rape
Short lived, half a face
Crackhead whore for host
Hatching living ghosts
Pregnant, drunk and high
It was no surprise, when she left it there to die

One more girl who could never conceive
Psychopath, maternity-mad
Took a steel bat to her mother's head
Hacked her up and took the baby out
One more girl, six months in, takes a hanger and a bottle of pills
The pro-life priest has nothing to say as the embryo's scraped away

Straight into the trash with the unborn offspring
Generations dead in time, progeny unwanted
Dead flesh pile a mass of cells, 10 more bags and the landfill swells
Ripened mass fetal decay, no one cares were they human anyway?

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