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"Such A Night Of Stars"

Eamon Friel

Such A Night Of Stars
It's a night of stars it's a cold night in November
With a crescent moon out in the west
Such a night of stars all the stars that I remember
And a weary world at last at rest

Such a night of stars in the great stretch of the sky
Colder than the winter wind they glitter there on high
Underneath the stars tonight there's only me and you
Love unto ourselves let us be true.

If I had the skill i might find some indication
Of the future in the stars so bright
It might be a sign of concern or consolation
But I have no skill to read the night

And the crescent moon like a little silver pendent
Hanging up there like a lucky charm
Moon among the stars silver moon in the ascendant
I can see the old moon in your arm

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