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How Could You Bring Him Home

Eamon Friel

I got the first flight out when i finished up the tour
Because i missed you i even flow home a day soon all
Because i couldn't wait to kiss you ohh now she will
Be loved was the one thing stuck in my mind and how
Tonight would be remebered for the rest of your life

I never knew i could do something like that when i saw
You to it hit me like a heartattack ohh noo how could
You let somebody in through our door how could you
Bring him home i never thought i would lose myself
Like that it's like a fucked up situation he ain't
Coming back ohh noo how could you please another man
On our floor how could you bring him home

And you know i missed you girl because i thought i
Really loved you and you know that i would never put
Anyone or anything above you because i loved you and
It was that love that made me lose my head and now
It's to late one day to soon but be ready for the rest
Of your days.

Yeaah,yeaah,ohh,ohh 2x

Please god forgive for what i did this day will stay
For as long as i live if you walk in and seen what i
Seen i know any man would have done just the same (2x)

Yeaaah,yeaah, ohh, ohh (3x)
(fade out)

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