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I Guess I Love You

Linda Eder

I want you...What can I say?
I'm undeniably, reliably sincere that way
I need you...I must confess
The heart and soul of you the whole of you
And nothing less
'ause when I'm near you
You pop the top off my thermostat
I guess I love you--Baby, that's that!

Why fight it...What can I do?
I am pathetically, genetically disposed to you
So take me...My heart's aflame
I'll be like Juliet who can't forget old what's-his-name
You may be crazy
Foolish, Illogical -- Take you pick
But, Baby, you are -- my lunatic

I guess I love you, Even though I confess
You are the sixth or seventh such guess
At last, success!
I guess I love you, you have become my vice
Bring on the shoes and start throwin' rice
Youre paradise

Go figure...who ould have guessed
I'd be so frantic'ly, romantic'ly by you possessed
This parlay...Just might come in
The odds are good, that knock on wood, this time
We're gonna win
'Cause when you kiss me
You kick my ticker to heart attack
I guess I love -- No turning back

I guess I love you, like Santa loves his sled
Like "blue Eyes" said: "you go to my head"
'Specially in bed!

I want you...Haven't you heard
I'm exponentially, essentially...Oh, what's the word?
I need you...Will I let go?
I'll be redundantly redundant no, no, no, no, no!
'Cause since I found you
My life is one sappy, happy mess
How, do I want you?
How, do I need you?
How, do I love you?
Just guess.

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