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I Don't Remember

Linda Eder

I don't remember
how much I needed to be near you
and I can't close my eyes and hear you
no, no I simply don't recall
our love at all

I don't remember
the way you filled my world with laughter
or how I changed forever after
as I look back it's sad to see
my memory
is failing me

I don't see your face
almost every place
I don't cry
I don't think of you
and I don't wonder why
'cause day after day
afer day after day
I don't recall
when you went away

I don't remember
a thousand little things about you
like how I just can't live without you
no, no I simply can't recall. . .
why lovers fall. . .
in love at all

I don't remember
try as I might
I don't remember
each lonely night
I don't remember us at all

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