Got your letters at the front today
if you like the house we'll buy it straight away.
Yes, it's great now you're a full-time nurse
but do be careful with the air-raids - getting worse.

Must end now .. the push is on...we're moving out...
all my love...see you soon.

I'm writing to you on a convoy moving west
it's hell out here but we're all trying to do our best.
I learned today that I get two weeks leave in June
this time I promise you a real honeymoon.

Must end now...take care my're all the world
to me my love...see you soon.

The telegram...dropped from my hand
she was all I had...I just don't understand
I see her that white dress she wore
those eyes and that smile
no one else...nevermore.

Decorations and respect inside the club
aren't compensation when you lose the one you love.
But in the end, all that is left
Is the regiment and what it means
to officer and a gentleman...

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Written by: Keith Emerson / Peter Sinfield. Isn't this right? Let us know.