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Who Am I ?

Emile Y X

Who Am I ? Our family is actually from Germany you know
Who Am I ? Jare wiet jy, jys nes a darkie. Who Am I, These Africans are so wild, they've got no culture. Who Am I ?
Jys ma net nog n coloured ou
First Verse
I am Slave and Colonial
Ancestry undetectable
Your current definition of me
Is unacceptable
Coloured is a miserable attempt
To define me
Look at me and tell me exactly what see
At first glance at me, An Arab you see
But you're, that's only a spec of who I truly be
Dark Skinned, so I'm of African Ancestry
Global family tree
I'm everyone and everyone's me
A touch of Indian, a pinch of Malaysian, African, Khoi-khoi
European and Asian
I agree to be, all I can be
No stereotypical box to classify me. Humanity exists thanks to the African Ancestry, One global Mulatto family tree. Mulatto also doesn't fully define me, I'm indefinite and therefore truly free
I once was lost, but now I am found, I have the flag and it will not touch the ground

Who am I? My grand daughters so beautiful, her skin is so light
Who Am I ? Wiet jy, slams is n noge nasie. Who am I ? Hey! We're not black , we're coloured
Who am I ? Jys nogal vol van jouself vir n coloured

2nd verse
I'm every brother and sister
Working in a factory
I'm Easter weekend
camping at Kommetjie
I'm Sunday braaivleis
Dik geeet en gaan slaap
I'm that stone thrower at Caspers
During Apartheid innie Kaap
I'm that dummies player, kennetjie en Akoos
I'm that ANC supporter saying the DA se ma se, I'm that voes gamtaal talker, corner broker
Gooi neer jou tol want hier gaan jy stoke ja, I'm that mass marcher and tyre burner, Minimal wage sub-economic earner
I'm that doctor, lawyer and politician in the ghetto
Wait a minute … Most of them have moved out though
So I'm that one who stays to be a good role-model, My election promises Are not just oral
I'm that Galaxy, City & Space Odyssey Joller. Heal the Hood, Battle of the Year hip hopper
Stopper of listeners to cover version groups, I'm supporter the klopse & tweede nuwe troupes
I'm a Goode Hope and Bush Radio listener too, I swear in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. I am every nationality
But coloured doesn't define me
I am proud of my entire ancestry
I once was lost by now I am found, I have the flag and it will not touch the ground

Who am I
My name is not Jigels, its Jayygels man
Who am I
Wat gat die mense van jou dink
Who am I
Emile had such straight hair when he was younger …
Who am I
Aw!!! Ket, Jy't nogal stuil hare

3rd Verse
I am the memory, the griot
And remember we will
I am every drop of blood that was spilt for my people
I am Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Ashley Kriel
The unsung heroes, past present and to come still
I am the silenced slave bones
At the depths of the ocean
I am the rhythm of life
Giving all things its motion
I' m more than 600 million Africans, victims of slavery
The youth, never commemorated for their bravery
I'm my peoples greatness whispered by the South Easter
I'm the prophet and the ghetto train preacher
I'm the ancient African soil from whencest life sprung
Its me dangling in that tree, You racists castrated and hung
I am God for she is within me
I am African first and therefore truly free
I once was lost , but now I am found
I have the flag and it will not touch the ground

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Written by: Emile L Jansen / Patrick Hickey. Isn't this right? Let us know.