I remember when we used to talk every single day
Rays of light in cloudy days
When you say the words
This will never end

Now the wings have sent me so far away
Moon is rising, I'm the loneliest soul
Who only thinks of
Fly with me, until the end of time

Will you follow me home?
Memories, forever will remain
Because the angels are never gone
Never gone

In the night I've seen an image of you
Hoping it was not a dream
I would like to look again
Deep into your eyes

That is all I need
I count the days to seeing you
Wish I could speed up time
Moon is rising

I'm the loneliest soul
Who only thinks of
I'm looking to the biggest star
Lost in the sky

Wishing you'll be there when I go home
Say my name, say it once again
I need to hear your voice, call me
Smile for me, it's my ecstasy
Tonight, I only think of you

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