Now the skies are turning black
Can't you feel my aching heart?
I need you by my side
But you'll leave without me tonight

Can't believe this is my life
I feel I'm fading out
You won't look into my eyes
The truth is painful, we know that

Remember those lonely nights
All by myself
Remember crying at last
After you left me behind

Now I see my mistakes
But the time never comes back
You will not understand
Life will never be the same

If you find a place to forgive
I'll be waiting till stars fall
Find me where the rainbow ends
I know you are not coming back

You can't deny my love
We are running from where we are trapped
There is no way out
My life is now lost in time

'Cause I cannot feel my heart
You will never understand
What we had to leave behind
Can't you see my crying eyes?

Why are you so blind?
Can't believe it's over
What I need is a beating heart
My wounds won't heal till the time

We are together again
I feel death is coming
I would rather not face her at all
Let her, take my soul

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