Jump Into My Fire

Etta James

Jump Into My Fire
Etta James
He's got eyes that burn
Straight to my soul.
Supernatural touch,
That makes my blood boil.
He's a four-alarm lover,
Sent from I don't know.

Furnace door open,
Thunder crashes.
My fever rises,
Lightning flashes.
He comes in the night.
He's gone, in a cloud of smoke.

I said, jump into my fire.
Walk right into the flame.
I've got some red hot lovin'
Cookin' in my oven.
If you can stand
The heat in this place.

I told him, jump into my fire.
Run right into the flames.
Just keep your hands to yourself.
Don't be sweet-talkin' no one else.
After lovin' me,
Your heart will never be the same.


He said, woman, if you want my love.
You have to show, what you're made of.
Don't come on to me,
If you can't pay the price all night.
Hold on honey, wait a minute.
Don't be so rough, now wait.
See I'm woman enough,
To handle your stuff,
Any hour, night or day.

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