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Queen Of The Air


There is a dream I used to have
My dream swallowed me whole
There is a bridge where I hate to go
That is where I first saw her
High on a bridge
I seen her red hair shining

There is a girl-I never knew
She was my Aunt Virginia
They said that she-she just disappeared
They said I look just like her

High on the bridge I seen her
Dancing, waving to me there
She smiled and raised her head
Then she took to the Air

There is a dream I can't escape
My memories come back to me
There is a hell that I can't escape
My memories come back to me

I heard the truth about it
Pictures and headlines hidden away
I heard the truth about my real mom
Jumping from the bridge that day

Now I know why ever since I was 3 years old
Been having the same nightmare
Now I know the truth about Virginia
Why she took to the Air

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Written by: Art Alexakis / Craig Montoya / Scott Cuthbert. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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