Money (Dollar Bill)


Dollar dollar bills, Deutschmarks, francs, yens, and pounds
I rock the chopped up sounds from Devonshire Downs
Out the Fordham Road
Up top in the boogie
I be loyal to my peeps like Buddha stud Doogie
Never very bad news, payin' crazy dues
I'm billowin' out crews and tamin' mad shrews
Like Bill Shakespeare.
The fakes'll disappear
The flava in your ear is strong like Everclear
Two hundred proof so put the match to the roof
and set this bitch on fire.
Get rich, the empire's about to strike back
if you rock the mic whack and that's the way it is,
'cause yo, it's like that

[Sadat X] Money, money, y'all
[Everlast] It be the root of all evil
[Sadat X] Money, money, y'all
[Everlast] It makes you popular with people

I go back to the 80s, like 'Three Times a Lady'
When it was pussy for free and crack for currency
It just occurred to me, it's time for surgery
I remove MCs like tumors, the lies and the rumors
got me thinkin' of this dub by Timex Social Club
Yo, word to my momma. I'm high off the trauma
Whitey Ford gets deeper than the subway trains
and I serve lazy fools like fast food chains
all pain, no gain makes the brain insane
life in the fast lane deflates the cash gain for real

[Sadat X] Dollar bill, y'all, dollar bill, y'all, dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill y'all
[Sadat X] Dollar bill, y'all, dollar bill, y'all, dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill y'all
[Everlast] It takes money
[Sadat X] to get that fly ass ho
[Everlast] It takes money
[Sadat X] to see me rock a live show
[Everlast] It takes money
[Sadat X] to get that last bag of smoke
[Sadat X] 'Cause the count ain't 'xactly for you when that ass is broke

Yo I'm 'bout to G off just like my name was Eddo
Black kids call me Whitey, Spanish kids Wetto
White kids call me king of this B-boy thing
If it's broke then fix it, if it's whack you mix it
Can't none of you MCs ever fuck with these
You'll be crazy on my dick like some porno chick
For the style that I'm blessin'. Ain't no second guessin'.
Kid, heed the lesson, subtraction, addition
Reward for submission, ain't no debate
Won't stop till I'm eatin' off a platinum plate
I want the stocks and bonds, plus the real estate
I want the iron gates and low interest rates
Plus a fly little spot to bring all my dates
A little stash of the cash put aside in a safe
For when times get lean, y'all know what I mean

[Sadat X] Money money y'all
[Everlast] some be calling it cream
[Sadat X] Money money y'all
[Everlast] some be callin' it 'fetti
[Sadat X] Money money y'all
[Everlast] but once I get it I'm jake

[Sadat X] Dollar bill yall, dollar bill yall, dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill yall (5x)

I want cash and checks, I want diamond rings
I want jewels on my neck and mad fly things
I want stacks of fat chips so I can take long trips
I want to sail the Bahamas on my own cruise ships
I want acres of land, I want papers in hand
I want stocks and bonds-all pros, no cons
Hey, if it smells funny then back it up honey
I want the money, y'all
I need the money, y'all

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Written by: D. Ross / Erik Schrody / R. Simmons. Isn't this right? Let us know.