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If My Heart Had Wings

Faith Hill

Damn these old wheels
Rollin' too slow
I stare down this white line
With so far to go
Headlights keep comin'
Loneliness hummin' along

Who poured this rain
Who made these clouds
I stare through this windshield
Thinkin' out loud
Time keeps on crawlin'
Love keeps on calling me home

I'd jump all these mountains
And take to the skies
Sail through the heavens
With stars in my eyes

If my heart had wings
I would fly to you
And lie beside you as you dream
If my heart had wings

We both committed
We both agreed
You do what you have to
To get what you need
Feeling you near me with so many miles in between

Oh, Lord it ain't easy
Out here in the dark
To keep us together so far apart


Stuck on this circle
Spinnin' around
Cut loose from this road
That keeps tying me down


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