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The Hard Way

Faith Hill

I hear every word they say
they tell me to stay away
they say im better off without you baby
you've caused me nothin but pain
heartaches your middle name
but it seems i never see it comin
ill just admit it baby
you really drive me crazy
let go of my heart
cuz every time your near me
i cant think cleary
defences fall apart

i keep livin and lovin and learnin the hard way
your the hardest lesson baby in my life
i keep livin and lovin and learnin the hard way
someday baby i will get it right

i never will understand
why i let you think you can
treat me any way you please baby
i guess i hope someday
you'll settle down and say
give me all the love i need baby
time and time ive found
you always let me down
always ends the same way
you'd think that i could see
the way your treatin me
wont ever change


if i could just hold on
if i could just be strong
my heart would see its wrong
lovin you, lovin you

(repete out)

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