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Glad You're Gone

Fallen Angels

Ain't comin back (back back)
It took some time (time time)
For me to realize (-lize, -lize)
You're not the one (Not the one)

I was afraid (-fraid, -fraid)
Tears stain my face (face, face)
But i can survive (-vive, -vive)
You're not the one (not the one)

You're gone and i'm glad, glad you're gone

The days grow shorter and the nights much longer
You left me weak but now i'm stronger
The evil in you brought out the good in me
But while it did you stole my fantasy

I first saw you bout a year ago
Gave you a smile you murmured "hello"
We were together for a while, and it was perfect
Each kiss, each smile

What i saw in you i'll never know
You left me alone and afraid
How could i have guessed you would stoop that low?
To get me back for what i never did
Gone, gone, you're gone gone
To tell you the truth i ain't sorry that you're
Gone, Gone, Glad You're Gone

There was a dream in my head
That we would never part
But i always had that sense of dread
That you would leave and steal my heart

I was right but this time
Right was wrong and wrong was right
Nothin left but love past it's prime
You ain't outta mind, but outta sight baby


INTRO (w/ chorus in background)

The pain you put me through
Made me better than ever before
Unable to trust a man like you
Cautious but the same ol' me

Who i am you'll never see
For your one mistake was leavin me
I hope you regret it i hope you do
May sound wrong but you knew me once
I won't waste my time feelin sorry for you babe


Gone, Gone, you're gone gone
To tell you the truth i aint sorry that you're
Gone, gone glad you're gone

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