When You Need Somebody
When You Want to Cry Your Fears
When You Feel the World Is Against You
And What You Got Is Only Memories
Know That I´ll Be There For You
And That You Can Count On Me
That Your Fears Are Also Mine
And That Together We´ll Get By

Cause You Know
I´ll Never Let You Down
And Those Stupid Fights
Are Nothing But Far Past
So Come On My Friend
Let´s Do What Has to Be Done
Take My Hand
Let´s Jump, Let´s Run, Let´s Fly
And Never Ever Come Back Down

We´re Friends, Together
Friends Forever
We´re Friends and That´s What We´ll Be
Until the End of Time You´ll See
Yes, You´ll See

When I´m in Trouble
I Know You Will Always Be By My Side
I Know You´ll Help Me Get It Through
When I Need to Tell a Secret
I Know Whom to Trust
When I Need An Advice
I Know Whom to Ask
And I Thank You, My Friend, For All of This
What You´ve Done to Make Reality Out of My Fantasies

Now Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish
Don´t Give Up What You Want
Know That I Am Always Here
But If You Need Me, I´ll Be There
And If Someday, Somewhere
You Feel Alone Or Scared
If You Need Somebody
Maybe a Friend
You Know You Can Trust Me
So Come On, Give Me a Call
Forget the World, It Doesn´t Mind
Come With Me and You´ll Be Fine

Repeat Chorus

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