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Jolly Green Dumbass

Fenix TX

Well all the things I've said
to try to make it work
have all been bent or misunderstood
Everything was taken the wrong way
Now you're making things so hard
Now when you think of me you get bent outta shape
pissed off at all the choices that you've made
Everything is going the wrong way
And it's making things so hard
You always kick and scream so hard
what can I do to calm you down
why do you make things so hard
you gotta stop sneaking around
I guess for you a new life has begun
I'll sit at home and watch reruns
So I'm gone all the time what difference does it make
togetherness doesn't seem to amount to anything
everything is all screwed up and now I'm making things so hard
Sometimes I think about the way it used to be
you're not the same person that you started out to be
I haven't talked to you in days and I guess it's not so hard

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