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The Firm

You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight.
Desperados. Travlin. What the fucks up son. We could
do this word up we could this.

Spendin to many nights on the hyena gettin right
Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice
I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it
Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it
To many nights on the hyena gettin right
Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice
I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it
Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it

At a thousand degree Celsius I make MCs melt
Fuckin my record label I appear courtesy of my self
Let me explain how I maintain thresh holes to pain
I walk across the sun bearfoot lookin for shame
I rearrange your rib cage like a 12 gauge at close range
And change the poistion of your frame
My hard raps penetrates through your hard hats and all thatnigga
Get ya wig pealed back
I scalpe you like the Indians on horse back
Running bull will hit you harder than running back
Stunning man with brave and cunning rap
Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks
Like uncut crack you feines keep coming back
Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats
From wacks to antelope tapes to digital decks
It's critacal black that Canibus is ill like that
In fact perhaps you should quit rap
Instead of always tryin ta dis fact
And niggas keep tellin you that ya shits wack
I rip rafts
Hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat
Put you in the figure fourth, breakin taw rats
Jump of the top turn buckuler land on your back
Til I hear it snaple, crakle, the ref says chill black
You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat
Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats
Ya'll niggas is wack, rappin over microphone feed back
My intelligence begins where yours peaks at
From Fox Boogie and the see through bras year
The nasty Nas year
My nigga Nature will explain further if it's not clear

Nas & Foxy Brown:
Millionaire look at the sky
Make sure its still there
Ice grill stairs that my jewelry is in heavy year
Pian Carden backin a dapa den dime
Now flex, table rex, Fox rock Inklein

Initiated to the firm shit
Real thugs learn quick
Sit back and feel the ultimate hit

Go lock in
Do the knowledge
Follow the doctrun, we clockin
On your air waves keepin it rockin
Blaze up, lift fire, light your purple haz up
Fix ya tire, bitch ass niggas they should be caged up
So raise up fuck the playin
I'm sick of layin
I could split your spleen off of SK
Sheels rickashean
Snatched up in supreme court
Eyes half shut
Gold defeandant court of life sentance seem to crack up
We act what, to real
Bag two mil
Nigga cool steal
Bet I'll be home before the news will
Blast fuse and leave purple frank matthews
Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules
Another halmo deas involved
Known frezze condo C's
Seven keys dissolved
Daily routine, speakin up fo niggas who sling
Hand to hand on them street corners clamin you king
It's time to lock this
Join with us, let your glock spick up through the toxic
Only fake niggas drocsnitch
Get your guns out it don't take much for me to dumn out
Play one route, lay ya shit down and run south

What's the cause of this shit
More statistics, deeper than the laws of physics
Malabu sand the gorgeous bitches
Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live
A true desperado, one that never choose sides
And show sympathy
Just QB, an annotate
Stock exchange
Top of the game
Watch them mention me
Image is nothin just obey your thirst
I blaze the puple haze sit in the day then display your birth
For those concern or just eager to learn I speak for the firm
With a zone to the chubbier ta burn
Stashin my richies past traditions
Like Olympics pass the torch
Flip shit so ya'll could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin
It's tight ill wakin up lookin like filth
Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill
Genetically form grade A petagrey
Born on the crime rhymes a swift tounge
Helta set it free
Theoretically peep how we bless this
Young and restless,
Guns and westins learnin to connect through lessons
From coop fees to camps, niggas shoot wack
It's a proven fact, 97 mine ya'll niggas move back


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