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Phone Tap

The Firm


Yo this Esco, who this


Whats the dilly
I just touch grounds down in Philly
Brought a pound with me
Feds floatin around silly
Tryin ta find land
They suppose ta be in the benz
Parked in row ten, hard in that slohokwan
Should of known she was a bitch that we both could of boned
This post of this loan
The ass had us both in the zone
But you know the rules
Both been schooled by older dues
I know the jews
No time for them thoughts, to much to lose
Just tryin to vibe to them ho's role with the ride
Where's your joint Pras
You know little Dezk gotcha eyes


In the cut, drop Z ok the tops up
Left the mall bought little Amo the toy truck
Your boy's what, three years old know correct
Here my daughter Ase neck in neck
They furtures set
Trees got me wet in the backgrounds of oakset
Fly steppin they mail shit
Whats the deal with all this shit I'm hearin up top
You got arrested, shot affair, one with a cop
That ain't ya stee, you usually low key with no t
I'm only goin on for what some weak bitch told me


That's some ill shit
Hear that bitch go with a click


Dun I'll hit you right back cause the static is stick

Guy Speaking in spanish

We got you phone tap
What you gonna do
Cause sooner or later will have your whole crew
All we need now is the right word or two to make all it sticklike glue
Then you threw
We got you phone tap
What you gonna do
Cause sooner or later will have your whole crew
All we need now is the right word or two to make all it sticklike glue
We got you


We just hit the cribo
I'm cruled up on this pillow
I'm still low, hold this ill news these niggas killed more
The shit touched me
Tryin ta chill, just lit a dutche from a while back
Same foul cats who tryed to bust me
Caught em' sleeppin
A spanish harlem with some portoricans
Up in washington heights right off the decan
Feel owful speakin for some vians that feels the phone tap
Along with gats left with a vest to watch my own back


Keep your eyes open
Stay wide, shit is mind blowin
Look for any sign showin, one time is knowin
About the dynasty, shit is not minor leauges no more
Cats bleed in this cold war
Some we took an oath, then this life took us both
We rich now, milk the whole cow, split the growth
Now I'm on the car doin, headlights on
Fluid in the windsheild wipes gone
This lifes scarmed
Its formin in the sky
You comin home tomorrow, will you drive or will you fly
hold up my other side


Yo son some other cats tried to rulin our plans
Sendin to decoy bitches with pictures of you and ya man
Askin ya where abouts
I gave them no leads
For all the nigga know them ho's fuck with the police


No shit I'm clickin over
I'ma tell Sosa quick son
Them outer state bitches tryin to get us both hit
That was Nate, he hit me last night late while in my ho'sstomach
Said it's no hundred
We FBI's most wanted
So play the low, change ya cloths, pack ya bags
Watch what you say on this phone, get home fast


Yo it's all good. I'ma hit you when I touch down tomorrow son.Word.

Stay on point. Don't even use the phone, just come to my crib yo,word up.


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