Sitting in the desert
Keeping off the flies
Swollen stomach, swollen head
And sad and swollen eyes

Waiting for the charity
That slowly dribbles in
This little boy's relying on
The colour of your skin

We did it for the jaguars
The pandas and the seals
And saved protected species
With our desperate appeals

We did it for the elephants
And monkeys in a sack
And just like you we lost a few
They're never coming back

Crouching in the diesel fumes
Holding out their hands
Open targets, open to a
Million grains of sand

Glaring in the camera
Blinking in the lights
Hoping for a miracle to set the world to rights

We're cutting back on our aerosols
Saving on our fuel
And stomping out the bloodsports
We've decided it's too cruel

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