Hey boy, you let me down
You thought that I would drown
But when one's looking so good at 30
You know it has its perks
My life's tough such as a mum
But I work out hard every night
I'll leave the kids with Luis this weekend
I make a call and the party starts
Canadian Ranger
We met in a bar
Then we were strangers
Now it's time to move on
You live in danger
You'll see for yourself
So come here right now
Cos'I can't get enough of you
Canadian Ranger
I'm ready to Rock
Declare me war I'll surrender to love
I'm not an angel, you'll see for yourself
So come here right now
I'll show you tonight
Every time
I make the call it's gonna be you and I
And it'll be great don't be afraid, just for fun
We'll play as good lovers
My life is much better
Since I am divorced

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Written by: Gaetano Scognamiglio / Luigi Scialdone. Isn't this right? Let us know.