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Inner Strength


Here we sit alone in an outnumbered fight
Led to decipher between wrong and right
And some may fail, at this joke that some of
Us call life
Yes at this game that some call life
But the system can't bail me out of hell
I've made this discovery and it has helped
Believe and one day, you'll do just as well now
As you were, you little puppet, you pauper, you
Freak, that's right
That's what some of them have said to me
So I object, and try to figure things out for myself
I'm building up full emotional wealth
The inner strength, is what the hate, it wants
Us not to feel
It's time that we helped, there's no room to fail
You already know the way out of hell
All we got is ourselves, I have faith in that
Believe and one day
We'll put the system in jail, we'll put the system in jail
I made it through, scraped, black and blue
But so can you. I made it through so black and blue
But you can too, I made it through scraped
Black and blue
But so can you. I've made it through,
we'll all make it through

[As printed in CD booklet]

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