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So you think the areas gray, but it continues each day
A bad example of the attitude you portray
Act like I owe you my life, you should be
Burdened with strife
Can't find a single reason I could live with
You as my wife
So I continue to pray, and hope that
You'll go away
A bad addiction to a home wrecking thing who plays
With my heart and that's the bottom line
I feel so empty
What can you give me I can't give myself
And what part of my life can you fix, that I
Can't fix my damn self
God I'm losing patience each day, I've put
Myself in harms way
Can't seem to justify none of the s*** you say
Can't find another way out, there's nothing left
But pure doubt
I'm on the verge of pulling all my hair straight out
So if you listen to me, not to the powers that be
We're not supposed to be together, can't you see
Indecision is the bottom line, I feel so empty now
I'm gonna show you now, this time I'm getting out
I've said it many times, but this time I have
Figured out
Just how I'm moving on, it's taken way too long
Inside I know I'll feel much better, when you're
Really gone

[As printed in CD booklet]

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