Never Been Born (Mercy)

Fr. Stan Fortuna

She didn't want me. She didn't spare me. If she held me, she never
would have let the doctor come and tear me from the life womb. Now
a killing room. Abortion by the hands of the doctor and the nurse turns
the God-given blessin' into a human curse. She made the wrong choice.
I still gotta voice. Yo world it's enough and stop sinnin', 'cause if you're
willin' to stop the killin' and let the mercy into help ya start feelin'. But
what ya feelin' for world healin'. But you can't stop me from talkin' and
revealin'. I'm in the best of place. If you could see my face. You would
speak a bigger statement to save the race. You would neer let it happen
again. Never been born.

Our lives have been taken. Our bodies have been torn. You can't stop
us from talkin' 'cause we've never been born. (repeat)

Verse 2
Mama you was wrong.I know you wasn't strong. You can say ya sorry.
You can be forgiven. I'm in heaven. I'm still livin' with perfect love. The
kind you couldn't give me. The kind that you receive. It's a gift from
up above. Ya let the doctor kill me. Gave up my birthright. Never been
born. Never got to see daylight. Yeah, I'm all right. I know ya feelin'
uptight. Ya never got to hug ya baby and say good night. No time
caressin'. Let Jesus in ya heart with His mercy. I give ya my blessin'.
Mama I forgive you. Ya never got to hold me in your arms. I love you.
Forever, you're my moms. Never been born


Verse 3
What about my father? He gave me no protection. Aborted my
conception. The world and nations is in need of new direction. They
make it political. Time is gettin' critical. Daddy, tell the world abortion
ain't just physical. You call us a fetus? You can't defeat us. Daddy
stand up, face the truth because ya need us. Break down the politic.
Crack down the heretic. Be a man. Face the pain. Stop the rhetoric.
Daddy don't ya weakin'. Father should be keepin' all the babies they
be killin'. It is wrong. It's goin' on too long. Get back with mom and
daddy be strong. Reverence the seed. Daddy pray and intercede.
Daddy stop the killin' deed today. Never been born.


Verse 4
There is peace, there is mercy for you, for me that sets you free. The
Son's the One with love from above so kind. He will help you to seek.
The power of the Spirit will help you to find your way back so that you
could forgive yourself, so that you could be at peace. His mercy,
peace, mercy for you and me. Seek and you will find.

There is peace, there is mercy for you and me. You can be set free.
You can be relieved let the love and the peace increase as you give
your baby a name. He's still livin' in Heaven. Healin' from the blame,
from the shame, from all the pain. There's a way back for you, a way
back for me. It doesn't matter what you've done, turn to the Son and
you will see there is peace, there is mercy, seek and you will find.

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