Unborn Victims Of Violence

Fr. Stan Fortuna

I was at the airport-
Opened up the paper-
I was shocked at what I saw-
Talk about a new law coule it be a new rule
Or was it just another fool
I had to read it again-
Thought there was somethin I was missin-
Could it be it was the truth-
Comin from a politician-
Or was it just wishful thinking what I was readin
Or was it just an attempt to stop our national bleedin
A new kinda law-
To overturn Row v Wade
To get the nation back on track-
With how we use financial aid-
All the hotsy-totsy people getting worked up in a tirade
Republicans and Democrats
Under-worked and overpaid
The next time in the court-
Death presented opposition-
The demon started screamin-
About the truth of our position-
They saw their end comin destined for the grave
Ain't this the land of the free
And the home of the brave

Thou shall not kill
But not on Capital Hill
Ya let us do it with the doctor
Or we do it with the pill
Mommies ain't safe in the streets
But if a thug come and beats
Mommy over the head
And leaves the baby for dead
Ya say it's fine but it's tragic
We can't stop it with magic
It's politically bleak
It's cause we're spiritually weak
Y'all try to cover up the scam
With illegitimate silence
Check it "I'm here to defend
Unborn victims of violence"

Let's let freedom ring-
Bring it to the Senate-
These are the dogs-
Who gonna try to prevent it-
They will never admit it-
The government's the culprit-
There is silence in the clergy-
Some won't preach it from the pulpit-
Congress is afraid to speak-
They livin like a puppet-
You gotta watch ya never know
Who got their hand on a string
We'll never really find out
What happened to Kennedy and King
Too many educated lawyers-
Could the situation worsen-
Is it really true they don't believe-
It ain't a fetus but a person-
Governmental desecration
Multi-million lives been spent
What will it take for them to learn
The right to life is self-evident
Legislation makin bad laws-
Year to year case to case-
Destroying the culture-
Poison the market place-
This is the land of the free-
This is the home of the brave-
As we movin on we steppin back we livin like a slave
Livin in denial sleepin in a grave
The embryos are frozen the suicide's assisted
You call this freedom "wake up" this is seriously twisted

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