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Mr Charisma

Frenzal Rhomb

When he walks into the room men sit up and women swoon
Everybody murmurs "he's here"
He's the most important guy
Never stop to wonder why
He's always got so much to say

He's so cool, he
makes the rules

Many witty anecdotes one day he will surely choke
on a story so far away
He's so cool he'll never die
Makes us laugh and makes us cry
If only he'd promise to stay home

He's the man
He's the man for us

He's Mr
Mr Charisma
He's Mr
Mr Charisma

We see him every other day, he's another world away
We could hang with him all the time
He's too perfect to be true
I can doubt but so would you
patiently I'm waiting to find out
What's behind.....that sickly smile

He's Mr,
Mr Charisma

Well I went to your brother but your brother lied
He siad that what you see on the outside's what you get inside
I said, I'd like to believe it but I have my doubts
and I think he might be evil but I wouldn't want to shout aboutit

He's so so strange
He's quite deranged

He's Mr,
Mr Charisma

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