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A Latex Ice Age

Frog Eyes

what's california?
with them streams, and their creeks.
running down, down to the sea.
ohoh, let me see.

a latex ice age
descended the pint-sized children
and fathers of the land

though the ice is repulsive to them
when the winter, it bloody clings
and the summer, it moves long
so, hit the road and hit the wrong
come along: my bait's all right
make one famous, make next sick
upon my collar i'll feel your prick
row the poly with the poly

i really need you
because there's HOLEY woods
and there's holy creeks
and there's love in the limbs
and love in the treetops.
"they will rise to greet occasions."
they will run from the falling apart
they will rise from great occasions,
and they will run from falling apart

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