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Evil Energy

Frog Eyes

All the educators travelled on about their dawn
And the beauty of their wand, and I swore to myself
"I'm-a-run from this tomb," oh the Red Monk was dry!
He'd drunk from the sky, & from the rustling rye,
Oh he split the partitions and sucked out the dye,
I am the exiled may, I am the cruellest way,
Barbells and letters

Shall both find their solace in the Cardinal's sink
[birthplace of all that is strong],
Though my body is strong as I tear up your lawn
And I tear up your lawn,
And then your men watched in horror
As their Captain was drowned

Libation, libation, the crystal education
Though the monestary was shrouded in doubt!
Oh the dwarves had no station but to stick to occupation,
For graduate school was ruled out,
And the blood from the legionnaire will spout from his
Underwear and the wicked shall grin as I spout,
And the wicked shall grin and the wicked shall grin
For Donna out time has run out!
And like a drunken and besotten father figure of old
Who was pushed on an ice wedge out to sea, and he
Trembles and he trembles and he puts his heart on tremble
And he profits from his guilty memories
For the tempest within us is no tempest without us!
We won't be discarded.

I am your brother in the dawn in the earliest dawn
I sucked in the dawn and on, on and on, and all on and on.

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