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I Belong To You

G. Gina

If i had wings
i could fly
like a sweet dream
that makes you cry
like a river to the sea
hear you calling out to me

no one else touches me
with a whisper a melody
when you hold me through the night
and you tell me
it's gonna be alright

i belong to you
you belong to me
naturally, so naturally
(repeat chorus once)

i was lost
without a friend
then you saved me
from myself again
and there's no one
gonna take me away
the joy you bring me evey day
that's no lie
you're the reason why

(repeat chorus once)

you belong ot me
(repeat once)

you know they'll
never be another
let me be your lover
for eternity
oh baby can't you see
we are good together
no one's gonna break us apart
you know i gave you my heart boy
yeah, yeah ,yeah ,yeah


don't you know that...

don't you know that...

chorus (x2)
to fade

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