The love I want is that mysterious kind
That plays like a restless kitten in the back of my mind
That wakes me from my sleep with a story to tell
Always true, always true

The love I want is that glorious kind
That lifts me high above the crowds and drops me gently on the other side
That watches while I sleep by the light of the moon
Always true, always true

When the world it just don't treat me right
Love that bathes me in the candlelight
So I can rest, while love will scorn the world for me
And I am born again to feel the waters rush,
And hands just like a mother's touch, familiar

The love I want is that fostering kind
That would never raise a hand to me or move too fast and leave me behind
That rocks me off to sleep with a midnight lullaby
Always true, always true, always true... Always true

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