Summer comes, and I remember a time
When I was young, and I was always changing my mind
I could be anyone I wanted, travel great travels
I had everything I needed
In a small room I had big ideas
And now I'm trying to hold on to those big ideas

Oh, I know...
Those days are through, but I still think of you, Philadelphia

And all the music... you know, it was my protection
I didn't need no one, 'cause I found affection
In the six strings of an old guitar and my radio
I moved to the beat of the hot streets
Where the people were singing and dancing and waving their hands in the air
While my Mama, she shook her head, and she said "Lord have mercy"

And once again... The good ol' days are gone; ain't it funny how we still carry on, Philadelphia

I had to leave; knew I had to look to other places
To try out my big ideas in front of all these faces
And hope that the lessons and beauty of being young
Someone with the imagination of a child
Could bring a smile to all these faces
From a small room, Room 222, I've seen it happen many times before
And I know, I know, I know, I know I'll see it happen again
If I can just keep...

Remembering that those special things... and the big ideas,,,
And all the lovely, lovely music will always be a part of me, Philadelphia

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