Looking through the eyes of a spider.
Hanging from the ceiling of a shower.
Waiting for Justine to come in and bathe her best friend Kim.
They started to caress each other.
Their clothes were getting wet.
They didn't bother.
I moved to get a closer look. They didn't notice me on the towel hook.
Kim grabbed her shower shoes and tried to strike me in the head.
I leaped in an anxious pursuit to hid behind the shower booth.
I hid behind the booth.
They thought I would run away.
They started to caress each other's body.
No worries her parents were at a party.
They left the door wide open. I had to call all my friends. We watched quiet behind the booth.
Suddenly they heard her mother Ruth.
And when she noticed her daughter and Kim she didn't yell.
She simply joined in.

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