I've got a secret.
do you wanna try and guess? Or do you need a hint?
I know someone who cares about the way you wear your hair, and what you're doing later, and who you're thinking about.
He's someone who gets real nervous when you walk by.
do you know how many times he's wanted to say hi?
and I know he's going crazy waiting for the right time-- I've got a secret.
something I will never tell. I guess I might as well.
I've a box of old letters that don't mean a thing to me.
I've got o a closet full of clothes that have been there since the seventies.
and I've got ideas and dreams but twice as many doubts
I wish I had someone
I couldn't do without-but if I open up my mouth something lame might come out I'd like to keep this just between you and me

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