I saw a movie just the other day.
And I imagined I was the star and you were my beautiful counter-part.
And it was so exciting.
And we had all that money.
I liked the scene about the car chase but I could do without the violence and the guns.
But the part I just don't understand was when you had to leave me.
Why did you do it?
I thought that things were going so good.
It made me sink down in my seat.
And I felt day old soda sticking to my feet.
And my popcorn tasted salty and my licorice was stale. The movie started to get boring and I just sat and cried.
Then you came back in my life.
And you swore you'd never leave me.
And the credits started rolling.
I went outside and it was sunny.
And my mailbox wasn't empty.

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