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Blood On My Hands


I got blood on my hands
From all the years that come and go
Cleanin up the messes that i've made
I just keep on washin but it never goes away
The more i scrub the more it stays

I got a pint from carol ann
Who left me for a friend
Never saw it comin nor did she
The night i caught 'em in the sheets
Of that ol' feather bed
Lord did that scene get out of hand

So i took an eye for an eye
For what they did to me
Don't pray for my soul
Just give me soap
Cuz you know it's a bitch comin clean

I got a quart from laura sue
Who went and took me for a fool
But i sent her down to chainsaw school
First you fill 'er up
Then you yank the cord and look out when the chain it starts to roar

I got the most from katy jo
Who left me down and broke
After all the promises we pledged
But when it comes right down to it
Love is just an axe
It cuts you through the heart
And leaves you dead

They say i need one more verse
One verse for this song
But i can't think of a single thing
I'd like to add
Suffice to note
That there ain't no hope
When you're always in the red
Chances are that now i'll be condemned

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