The Last Time I Saw Her Face

Glen Campbell

Her eyes were bathed in starlight and her hair hung long
The last time she spoke to me
Her lips were like the scented flowers inside a rain-drenched forest
But that was so long ago that I can scarcely feel
The way I felt before and if time could heal the wounds
I would tear the threads away that I might bleed some more

The last time I walked with her
Her laughter was the steeple bells that ring to greet the morning sun
A voice that called to everyone to love the ground we walked upon
Those were her good days

The last time I held her hand
Her touch was autumn spring and summer and winter too
The last time I let go of her
She walked away into the night I lost her in the misty streets
A thousand months a thousand years when other lips will kiss her eyes
A million miles beyond the moon that's where she is

The last time I saw her face
Her eyes were bathed in sadness and she walked alone
The last time she kissed my cheek
Her lips were like the wilted leaves upon the autumn covered hill
Resting on the frozen ground the seeds of love lie cold and still
Beneath a battered marking stone it lies forgotten

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