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The Rush Is Loud

God Lives Underwater

They saw him from the rooftops
They saw him from way up there
They just couldn't come down to
Where he was

They studied for years on end
They were always confused
They just couldn't believe how

He abused himself
It's with us all the time
How he abused himself
And we abuse ourselves

They took lots of pictures
Hidden microphones
All he wanted was to be
Left alone

After years of footage
And miles of tape
They're on their way down to him

And he can't wait
To be with us all the time
He abused himself and


They were looking for answers
To all the hits he sent
There were way too many
To document

They settled on a theory
That we all knew
We just hide the fact that

We abuse ourselves
It's with us all the time
We abuse ourselves

Shot in the arm
Or shot in the head
It's killing me
Or all my friends
It spreads like a disease
We all become with ease
Blood balloons like a mushroom cloud
The rush is loud (X2)

CHORUS (repeat title out)

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