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Back to Iraq


Back To Iraq
We was part of the slaughter they called Desert StormWe maimed and we murdered in the name of "Norm"Now As civilian and purpose I lackI'm getting ready to go back to Iraq!you're over there we're I'm over hereWe had lasagna and plenty of beerLearning the tools and the tricks of the tradethen I come home and I can't get laidBack to Iraq!I'M BACK!You taught me how to killYou pumped me full of drugsHow can you wonderWhy I became a thug?Raining death on peopleFiring into crowdsOver there I got a big bright medalBut here it's not allowedI'm goingBack to Iraq!I'M BACK!now I'm on the streets - I look like a slobMy skin is corroding - I can't get a jobI did my duty - I served my nationNow I can't even afford medicationYou dirty bastards you made me this wayBut I'm locked and loaded - now you'll have to payBack to Iraq and my life is a wreckI wanna kill the PresidentBut I'll settle for a checkBack to Iraq!I'M BACK, YEAH!

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