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Asian People


Asian people make great cars, but lousy drivers
And if for a moment I may be incorrect, for a moment let me say
That I hate the Jews, but that’s ok, I hate Negroes too
And I really hate the white motherfuckers!
Kind of an equal opportunity hate
Humans suck, cock that is
Ah what do you care, you’re just a bunch of penguins
You’ve got to respect everybody, even if you don’t like them; you see they might have a weapon
Admit it; the evil empire didn’t die with the fall of communism
It grew stronger
And a child and a gun go together like apple pie and mom
It’s our god given right to ride around with a gun in our car
Our ass, the crack that you must pass
I’ll stake a claim, I’ll remain at the cleft where few shall pass
Beneath the stink of baking block we’re all becoming livestock
I keep a close watch on this pot of mine
I keep my pants pulled down all the time
I’m saving up, to be a mime
Because you’re a slave, and I’m a mime
I’m a mime, I’m a mime a mime a mime
I’m a mime a mime a mime ma ma ma, ect, ect
I can tell the enemy fears us, by the way he fires
We conserve and scavenge, everything

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