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Fight The Force


Gunshot, black man drops with fear in his eyes he lies and hecries,
but they huntdown, break him down, society has made a newforce,
but it´s not new but old, cause the force thinks of a superiorrace
they wanted back then, but now these fuckers want to break allthe necks
of strangers and those who fled from fears to find peace,
they never have had, we got but the force is tryin to stop,

so they go out and bust heads and freedom, peace and democracy,
so don´t close your eyes, take a stand, fight the force and alltheir lives!

Fight the force, yeah, you gotta fight the force, fight theforce!

No matter colour or race, the problem lies behind their ownface,
on their minds there´s just hate, their fate is life for thehuman race
so fight any chance for the force to expand and vastly enhance,
their hatred inside against the outside, outside, outside
politicians, you too, out go and reign and find us a clue
to stop the drama we got but the force is not tryin to stop

so don´t close your eyes, take a stand fight the force and alltheir lies


So strike back the force, go out and stop their brutalitycourse,
if not, then there´s terror, freedom and peace is seen no more
cause they don´t just bust heads, but freedom peace anddemocracy
so don´t close your eyes, take a stand fight the force and alltheir lies


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