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Do What You Wanna Do (Dave Don't Like It)


I - I know it's time to realize,
I - I know the love you felt for me has died,
I - try to cope with the pain inside
But I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings
that I have inside...

Chorus: Hear me...

I - I know it's hard to
understand, but girl you
gotta know, you made me be
a different man,
I - I don't want you to feel no
guilt inside/ I just want to
stay your
friend but I feel the fear girl
that I never can.

Chorus: You gotta do what you wanna do,
still remember what I feel for you,
you gotta do what you wanna do,
still remember that I care about you.

I don't want to see our friendship die,
I know we need to go our seperate ways but I
don't know why
I know someday we both will see,
That girl our friendship was created for eternity.

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