The Power (feat. Turbo B.)


From the crack of the whip I attack,
front to back in this thing called rap.
Diggi dig it like shovel rhyme devil on a heavenly level
bang the bass. Turn up the treble.
Radical mind day and night all the time
7 - 14 wise devine.
Maniac brainiac winning the game,
I´m the lyrical Jesse James


I´ve got the power

Quality I possess some say I´m fresh
when my voice goes through the rest of the
mi-crophone that I am holding,
copywritten lyrics so they can´t be stolen,
if they are H-blockx don´t need the police
so try to save them your voice will sink
so please stay off my back
or I will attack and you don´t want that


I´ve got the power

Like a demon I´m steaming like a crook I´m fiending
tell the opposition color whip creaming
shredding skim with the lyrics rhyme breaking the bone
through your soul with the tone of my microphone.
In this game of life I will try to survive
and take your time you bring us all nose jive.
Superman´s strong even in my last hour

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