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Pour Me A Glass


Once upon a time I was sitting by,
a bottle of wine and all I knew was I,
I was gonna sip it down in a little while,
I drink it glass for glass but there's no reason why,

The bottle of wine has a taste so fine,
it makes me feel good, it makes me blow my mind,
I cannot stop pour me another glass
I would if I could, but now I need it fast.

I lost my friends nobody holds my hand,
like a lonely stranger in a long lost land,
I felt the feelings noone ever has,
bartender pour me a glass.

Pour me a glass, Pour me a glass, Pour me a
glass, Pour me a glass of a bottle wine, ...

I'm drinking, I'm not drinking, I can't tell you why
how it started how it ends But I do deny,
that I wanna ruin my life but now I wanna dive,
into the silent ocean where there is no cry

For hope, for me that I cannot see
but If I'd face the fact and go inside of me
I would see myself, my own reality,
I would see myself, my own insanity.

Scared to move another step ahead,
I would lose the strength so I will fast forget,
what I do to myself why don't you take a guess,
bartender pour me a glass.


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