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Song For The Sea

Hannah Peel

I dreamed my goodbyes:
That I'd gone to the sea from the man laid next to me.
The shock arose my fear
That I'd been longing for this,
That mountain of bliss, up on the coast.
Set sail in my boat
For some peace of my mind to leave what's behind, and roll on alone
The thunder was loud
So don't shout in my ear, I cant live in fear anymore
Where is that saviour I've been longing for?
Who promised the world with the slight of his hand
I don't understand
How I believed you
Now I am leaving you, leaving you
For the sea
Rock back and forth
From the sway of the tide
Confused from the blight of your eye
The man that I love
Had no room for me
So I'll sit here and sing
Sing of the sea

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