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Don't Kiss The Broken One

Hannah Peel

There was old man joe who dumped his poor wife
For a lady much like the one that he had
She'd followed him soundly for the months that had passed
No complaining or moaning, why did he not last?
But only the man of god he knew all
Next confession he said to joe, why'd you fall?
I cant give you grace, you've hurt 19 women
And joe made no reasons except one that we know…
He was the one that was hurt long ago.
So don't kiss the broken one
It will never resolve what you have just done
They'll hang onto thoughts in hope of one day
Repeating the same situation each way
Of falling in love, then being alone.
It's a drug that only some will bring home
They'll take it again to make sure that they live
Broken and wanting someone else to give.
Its not only men that play at this game
The women are worse, its just not so plain
Take lady bee, a lady of such, who had servants in rows and handbags to clutch
But her heart was locked as a maid's first love
Once one man would touch it she'd give them the shoe
And this is what most of the townspeople knew.
That she had to treat them the way she'd been had
Left by her true love, stranded and sad.

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