Waiting For The Night

Hawkes Chesney

Every morning when we say goodbye,
Just letting go of you takes off my mind,
Though I've got a millions things to do,
I think of you last night.

I walk alone down these streets so cold,
I talk to people that I'll never know,
Though it seems like such a waste of time,
An uphill climb, and the hours seem to go so slow,

I spend my days waiting for the night,
Go through the motions till the moment comes and your love is mine,
I spend my days waiting for the night,
Doing what I got to do to lie with you when everything is right,
I spend my days waiting for the night.

I guess I'll never know what real love means,
That I would suffer for your sweet torment,
I guess I thought that love would heal the pain,
But I feel the same; Scared you won't come back again.


Oh is it right or is it wrong,
To need someone, to need someone so,
They say that a man's gotta be strong,
But when I'm with you, I can't let go

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