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Lose Your Way

Hawkins Sophie B

I have no confidence
and i can't see why i should
but i could do most anything for you
and you know i would
i try too hard
and then i give up way too easily
i'm the runner up inside of you
and you're the winner inside of me

lose your way
and i will follow
here today
and here tomorrow
like my freedom i know
i'll never let you go

i still wish on the evening star
and i s'pose i always will
every child loses something
a whole life can't fulfill
and when you cry i feel the sky
burst open in my veins
if loving you makes me a slave of me
then i'll spend my whole life in chains

walk the line
i'll walk inside you
change your mind
let love decide you
its the reason i know
you'll never let me go

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